Well, it is nearly Christmas

Welcome to our little terraced house!

2D9E3315-1E61-4CF6-AB91-7A4DEE82C75EChristmas is basically a universal excuse for doing most things. Eating chocolate for breakfast, snogging randoms at the Christmas party, arguing with every member of your family for no particular reason and in this instance starting a blog about your house. So, here we go!

You might have to bear with me a bit while I actually work out how to do, you know, computers.  It’s been hard enough learning how to do house, and now there’s tech being thrown into the mix?! Christ alive!  It took me long enough to get used to the Philips Hue lights!!

So anyway, I’m going to have a go at publishing our progress generally, along with upcycles, ikea hacks and tutorials for the arty bits and bobs I like to do.  I really hope someone will read it and maybe be a bit inspired to have a go at growing something, or making something, but if not, at least it’ll be a fun way for me to document our journey from house to home.

Come and say hi!!!

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