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#plantalong2020 – Growing Courgettes

homegrown yellow courgette

Courgettes are one of my favourite vegetables and they taste so good when they are homegrown.  The best bit is that a single courgette plant will produce so many courgettes to keep you going through summer – if you pick them when they are small (and at their tastiest) the plant will produce more courgettes.  Don’t leave them to get too big as this will signal to the plant that the seeds have been produced and no more courgettes are needed.

Courgettes are so easy to grow.  The seeds are large and easy to handle.  Now that the weather is warmer, they should germinate quite quickly (within a week or two) on a warm, sunny windowsill.

I use small plastic pots to start my courgettes and grow one seed per pot.  The don’t need to be potted on too quickly then and can be left to their own devices.

Simply fill a small pot with multipurpose compost, firm down, place a courgette seed on it’s side (this is a trick to help with germination / avoid rotting – though in all honesty I have had no issues with germination if the seed is placed flat) and push into the compost about 1.5cm deep.  Cover over with compost, firm down and water well.  As the seeds are large, you can water with a little watering can, or you can place the pots in a tub, fill with water and let the pots soak the water up from the bottom.

propagating courgettes


Keep the pots in a propagator on a sunny windowsill until they have germinated and then remove them from the propagator.

courgette seedlings germination

One the courgettes have grown true leaves and are starting to look a bit big for the pot, they can be potted on in the same way as tomatoes – have a look at this blog for a guide.

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