Our House

This site is born from our Instagram account with the same name, which we set up to document our house renovation.  As the house took shape we started doing other things around the house – upcycling the furniture we have inherited from shared houses, growing plants and vegetables, decorating the house and choosing interiors that suited our personalities (which are totally different btw – Oli likes things to be neat and tidy and I’m totally haphazard! but we find compromises).  A lot of the things we have done, we learnt as we went, so this blog is here to pass on a few ideas.


A little about our house:  We bought it in February 2016 as a ‘project house’.  Naturally, we thought the whole thing would be totally renovated and perfect within six months.  Naturally, it wasn’t!

The house itself is in the depths of South London.  Originally a three-bed terrace, but it has had a loft extension (we’ve not even touched that yet!).  So with the loft extension, we have five bedrooms.  However, we only have one bathroom, so when we eventually do have the cash available to do the loft up, we will put a bathroom in up there as well.

There were some horrors: dangerous wiring, no radiators downstairs, one horrible bathroom, nicotine stained everything.  But we could see a diamond in the rough and slowly, slowly we have been making our transformations.

We kept photos of the house as we went to document the changes and it really is wonderful to look back on them now.